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Towing | Midnite Sun Motors - Cooper Landing, AK

You’re on the Seward Highway on your way back from Anchorage when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, halfway from home. You could panic. Or you could call Midnite Sun Motors, Cooper Landing, AK’s premier towing service. We’ll pick you up when you break down. We’ll dispatch a tow truck as soon as we receive your call and one of our prompt, polite and professional drivers will rush to your aid.

We know that being stranded in the Alaskan wilderness can be life threatening. That’s why we take our towing so seriously. We employ only the most competent tow truck operators and the latest towing equipment, so you can rest assured we’ll get the job done right and get you back to the warmth and safety of your destination as quickly as possible.

We also offer excellent emergency roadside assistance for stranded motorists. Run out of gas? Don’t make the dangerous trek to the nearest service station, settlement or town, which could be many miles away. There’s no need to risk your life when you’ve got Midnite Sun Motors to take care of your roadside assistance needs.

Breakdowns are no fun, there’s no way around it. But we can help take the pain out of being stranded. That’s why you should choose Cooper Landing’s best towing service when you need help. Choose Midnite Sun Motors.